About Andrei

Andrei Anisimov teaches non-technical startup founders how to use remote developers to quickly and cheaply build their product or MVP.

Andrei is a software development expert with more than a decade of experience. He has built complex applications for companies such as LG, MGM Grand and Scholastic as well as many startups. Andrei started his career as a web developer and later moved on to managing development teams. In his current position as a Director of Technology at Orbtec he oversees all aspects of software development for Fortune 500 and startup clients. Andrei has also co-founded several startups – working with non-technical founders to build out their vision using offshore developers.

In 2009 Andrei worked as a web developer for an insurance startup in St. Petersburg, Russia, when he discovered the power of working remotely as a freelancer. Through a profile on Elance.com he started working for clients who were based in the US, Europe, Australia and other countries. High quality work allowed Andrei to quickly attain a loyal client base and build an excellent reputation.

Unlike many solo freelancers, Andrei soon realized the advantage of having a team. Putting together a strong group of talented developers allowed him to bid on larger, more challenging projects with higher budgets. In 2011 Andrei moved to the US where he continued to expand his business and his offshore team.

It is his unique story – from an offshore freelance developer to a manager of a development team and later a US-based startup co-founder – that allowed Andrei to see the challenges that people at each stage in the outsourcing process are dealing with. The management approach that Andrei developed through years of trial and error allows him to get predictable, high quality results every time, no matter how complex the project is.

TechStarted was created to show non-technical startup founders how to do the exact same thing.

So many startup ideas never get a chance to reach customers, because founders don’t have the right knowledge and resources to launch their product. I created TechStarted to share my experience building applications for entrepreneurs just like them.

— Andrei Anisimov